The Cannabis Industry Loves Social Equity!

That’s why the industry supports Accelerator programs, and why Sira started one to help give economic empowerment applicants a boost to launch their business. We’re proud to be helping good people develop products, but now we need the consumers (YOU!) to attend upcoming Launch Events and support these businesses directly.

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Cannabis 101: Buy Local, Buy Social Equity

The same reasons apply for cannabis as with other products. Invest locally, and the benefits will be seen locally. Buy social equity products, and you will see those local businesses do the same, reinvesting in themselves, their community and others. Give them that ability, and you will empower them to better our entire region.

This is what the growing movement for social equity looks like. Social Equity in the cannabis industry, is enshrined in the law thanks to the voters, and makes Massachusetts a leader in recognizing how to finally create a healthy market environment!

Join the movement as we continue to work to create a healthy robust and equitable Massachusetts cannabis market. Promote products and services that represent the positive growth and change that the voters want, and that will best create a healthy market that we can all benefit from. Do you have a cannabis industry social equity event, market first, or business win to share with the greater community? Use the hashtag  #ILoveSocialEquity to join the movement and let everyone know that you and your business product or service, "Love Social Equity" too!

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612 Studios Events In Massachusetts

Adults 21+ can now purchase Purient at several Adult-use Recreational and Medical shops throughout the state.

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When: TBD

Where: TBD

How: Must be 21+ and possess a valid government issued ID to enter and purchase.

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