Sira Spotlight: Managing the Patient Experience

Posted by Andrew Sharp & Jimmy Long on July 14, 2020

The Sira Spotlight series focuses on one of the most interesting aspects of Sira Naturals: our people. Each month, we highlight members of our staff from across the entire organization.

As we enter the full swing of Summer, we at Sira Naturals reflect upon the hard work and dedication of our amazing staff. The Sira Creative Team sat down with Regional Dispensary Manager, Michelle Foley, to hear her story and learn about her role in overseeing Sira's dispensary operations and strategy.

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What is your role at Sira?

Regional Retail Manager

How long have you been a part of the Sira Team?

2 years

What has been your fondest memory at Sira?

I have so many! I would say visiting our production and cultivation facility for the first time. There are a lot of extremely talented people making amazing products in Milford. Innovation is the first word that comes to mind. Seeing all the hard work they put into creating products and their passion for quality was unbelievable.

What is your favorite aspect of overseeing Sira’s Retail Operations?

Watching my team grow stronger and achieve their goals. In this industry we are challenged constantly. Watching my team adapt to change, find solutions, and do it all with a positive attitude inspires me every day!

What is your process/philosophy when it comes to managing the retail team?

My philosophy is simple, surround yourself with a team of people who are smarter and more talented than you and give them the freedom to run the business. I am extremely lucky to work with such a talented and passionate team.

How has your previous retail management experience translated to your current role at Sira?

My previous high-volume multi-unit management experience has given me the foundation needed for my current position. In high volume retail you’re always multi-tasking, and in cannabis retail that is even more true! Most of my retail experience has been with companies who were just starting to expand into the market. That environment forces you to figure things out as you go and gives you the ability to create the business you want, which I love.

When a patient leaves Sira Naturals, what do you hope they took away from their experience?

I hope each patient leaves happier than when they came in. Either from an amazing interaction with our staff, or the right medicine for them. We love our patient community!

What sets Sira’s patient experience apart from other dispensaries?

The patient experience is at the core of everything we do. From operations, customer service, to product selection. Every decision is made with the patient in mind.

What types of training does Sira offer to its Retail Staff?

We have the best Retail Training Manager who trains all new and existing employees on Sira product, service, and operations. All retail staff receive an initial two weeks of training, but training is something that never stops here at Sira. We believe that continued education for our staff leads to a better experience for our patients.

Any new and exciting Retail initiatives you can share?

Yes, so many! I am most excited to roll out our new loyalty program next month. We have a lot planned this quarter to activate our sales floor with new interactive display cases, stay tuned!

Which Sira Naturals product is your favorite? Why?

I’m definitely a flower purest. It just gives me the best relief. As much as I branch out and love to try new products I always come back to flower. My favorite strains are Mother of Grapes, 3 Chems, and I’m loving our recent MAC1.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?

My two dogs Ralph and Sadie, yoga and meditation, traveling, and South Shore bar pizza.

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