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Posted by Roz Greenstein on August 31, 2020
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At Sira Naturals, we have always been invested in promoting equity in the communities that we operate. As we approach the November elections, encouraging Sira Naturals’ guests to participate in the 2020 US Census and to register to vote is top-of-mind for our Culture Committee. Accurate Census data is critical for ensuring that communities have investment for the services they need. And we can only have a fully democratic process if everyone has a chance to vote.

Full Census Count Means Community Resources

Encouraging full participation in the US Census is crucial at this moment, since the Census Bureau has knocked off one month of their outreach to collect this data. The Census numbers are used to determine the number of Congressional representatives for each state, as well as to allocate federal funds for a range of government services including hospitals and schools. Beyond federal, state, and local governments, private sector decision-makers also use the Census data to make location decisions for their businesses. Cutting short the data collection, coupled with previous decisions made regarding the 2020 Census, will lead to undercounting of our population. According to The Brookings Institution the undercounting will be concentrated among specific populations, including indigenous, immigrants, and communities of color. A headcount of all those living in the US, every ten years, isn’t just a normal function of the federal government; it’s required by the US Constitution.

Your Vote Matters

Patients and Sira employees in Needham, Somerville, and Milford can use a dedicated computer for filling out their 2020 Census form and for voter registration. The Culture Committee, headed by Katya Perchenko, Assistant Manager in Needham, partnered with the non-partisan, non-profit,
MassVote, which works to expand voter participation in Massachusetts. Using this dedicated computer, Massachusetts residents can check their voter registration status, update their voter information, and register to vote. While registration for the Massachusetts primary closed on August 22nd, unregistered voters have until October 24th to register for the general election.
katya-perchenko(Katya Perchenko, Culture Committee, Sira Naturals)
Participation in the 2020 Census and the upcoming election are both important actions that extend and deepen our democracy. That’s why we’re so proud of the efforts of Sira employees to encourage all guests and workers to participate in the headcount and the upcoming election.

Topics: Community Investment, Equity

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