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You can't be what you can't see

By working closely with community members, we address the suspicion and disconnect that many people of color feel towards cannabis, which may prevent them from pursuing career opportunities in the industry.
Our community engagement meets people where they are and provides support as they move at their own pace toward a goal of understanding the potential employment and entrepreneurial opportunities available in the industry.
Sira invited the CultivatED team to provide education about overcoming the challenge of a prior conviction for those who want to enter the cannabis industry.



CultivatED empowers, educates, and supports the employment of individuals from communities that were disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. CultivatED provides pro-bono legal services, background checks, suitability support services, a fully funded certificate program from a community college, paid internships, and job placement.
CultivatED works to have CORI records expunged and sealed for otherwise employment eligible job applicants in instances where the conviction was in the past and does not reflect the person applying for the job today.
Sira Naturals staff and executives were part of the interview team for CultivatED’s newest class of Fellows. We are pleased to welcome these trail blazers into our industry.

Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS)

The Community Action Agency of Somerville addresses homelessness, evictions, housing affordability, and supports children and families with their Head Start program, which serves Somerville and the Greater Boston area. Sira’s sustained community investment is a model for our partnerships with trusted partners in communities impacted by the War on Drugs.Sira looks forward to an ongoing collaboration with CAAS and the City of Somerville as we develop and implement our community investment strategy.



The Sira team partnered with the Cape Verdean Association, Korean American Association, and Educational Divide Reform Institute to donate 3,000 masks and almost 1,000 gloves in Eastern Massachusetts. The PPE went to community members, many of whom are serving in health care settings.


Sira Naturals is part of the interview panel for the next cohort of CultivatED Fellows. The Fellows will have access to internships at cooperating dispensaries and access to education at local colleges.


The Sira team donated 2,000 pieces of PPE to the Boston Pride Alliance. The Alliance promotes community engagement and inclusivity, while striving for visibility and respect in unity.

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